Penetration testing is the only way to assess Company’s security posture and security team’s ability to predict, prevent and respond to fast-evolving cyber threats. Penetration testing allows to run a real check on implemented security measures performance and employees’ awareness, to identify gaps in information security and demonstrate the compliance with the security requirements.
Penetration testing services include:
  1. External or Internal network security test. Inspection of information resources, available from the Internet or unprotected networks. The results include a complete catalogue of available resources, applications, operational systems and networking infrastructure with all detected vulnerabilities
  2. Web and mobile application logical features security test. All application features are inspected for vulnerabilities that may be the result of app development. This service may also include source code analysis.
  3. Employees’ awareness check-up via using various phishing and social engineering attack techniques.
Our team has over 5 years of professional experience in the relevant services field comprising not just OT, but a broader IT-related scope, reaching over a 100 successfully completed penetration tests and security analysis projects for:
  • Remote banking services
  • Public information systems
  • Internal corporate networks
  • Corporate websites
  • SCADA, IIoT and Smart Things
  • Corporate resources, available from the Internet network.
Our experts are certified CEH, CHFI, OSCP, OSWE, OSCE professionals that have published multiple security research papers and CVEs.
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